EDIT: We found her! Thanks to your help, we found the Stranger on the Bus. Not only did she have a Tumblr, she even wrote her own blog about it the night before mine. Crazy, no? I just wanna hug the internet. You’re all amazing~ <3 <3

Tumblr, are you there? It’s me, Brian. 

I don’t normally ask for much from you, but if you could help me just this once it’d mean the world to me. 

As part of a larger research trip this spring, I was staying in Portland for a few days. An old friend of mine invited me to visit her in the northern part, over an hour away by bus from the dorm I was crashing at. Sketchbook in hand, I take the opportunity to catch up on my travel journals; I’m three days behind, and I figure it’ll keep me company on the long ride up.

But there was this girl.

I don’t know exactly how long she was on the shuttle, but there she was, sitting in the row across from mine, working in her own sketchbook. In between my scribbles, all the way up north, I catch little glimpses of her out of the corner of my eye. A red jacket; short, blonde hair; boots of some sort. She seems nice; beautiful, too. I’m stuck in my own little world, though, and I figure I’ll just talk to her after I’m finished with my journal.  

But then she stands up. Already she’s reached her stop, but before she leaves, the girl tears out a page from her sketchbook, the page that I am holding right now, and hands it to me. I read it, and I cannot form a single thought. No words can come out. The girl looks me in the eye, gives me the most gorgeous smile I’ve ever seen and without ever saying a single word…


It took me five blocks past my stop to comprehend what had just happened. This is something that happens in movies and shoujo manga, right? That didn’t actually happen… no way it actually happened. That was just two days ago and I am left to accept that yes, it did happen. Unfortunately, my trip is over; I am now on the other side of the country, and have no idea when I’ll ever be able to return to Portland.

So… Tumblr. I know this is a long shot. I don’t know if a reblog will reach her; I’m not sure she even has an account. But I have to find this girl again. I don’t want anything from her. I just want to be able to finally tell her,

"Thank you. You’re beautiful, too."

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