The reason why they created Twitch: So thousands of people could watch two fish playing Street Fighter II, using controls defined by where they’re at in the bowl.

if it gets to be way too dead at my workplace during school months, I’m going to lug in a big tv and stream this 

I am shouting and clapping over a fish what is wrong with me


Some more art therapy today, expirimenting with paint pens and watercolors some more. Not entirely thrilled on their interaction at firs,t but hey, I turned a pretty bad picture into a decent and fun one with some effort.


Coming Soon—- Steven Universe RPG: Attack the Light

Official Steven Universe Mobile RPG From Cartoon Network Games:

This #PAXPrime Steventhusiast is checking out #StevenUniverse #AttackTheLight, an awesome new mobile RPG coming soon from #CNGames!

Draw yourself dancing! ›


Hey artist friends! I’m working on a thing and I could use your help.

I’m putting together a poster this weekend for the SPX Prom, and I’m asking people to send me drawings of themselves dancing. I’m going to combine them all into one big dance floor picture.

It’ll look great if there are a…

Went on a small adventure today~ #Portland



From the artist of the SU Comic, Coleman Engle:

CBR put up a preview for issue 2! Cool!

Ruin Jam 2014! ›



So a blog post of mine ended up partially inspiring a game jam which is pretty wonderful! It’s Ruin Jam, it’s celebrating the nonexistent demise of video games, and it’s open to anyone who has been, is being, or plans to be accused of ruining the games industry. It starts on Monday, September 1st and runs until Sunday, September 14th, giving you plenty of time to make something and contribute to the downfall of everything shitty nerds hold dear!

Please click the link for more information and rules, but when the jam starts you’ll be able to submit your beautiful creations to this page! I hope you’ll participate!

Hey, Ruin Jam starts TOMORROW! Get ready!

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I’m designing an info board for commissions and I don’t know why I started thinking of my different drawing styles as ‘spicy’ and ‘sweet’ but I like it.

"Yes, I’d like a medium commission of Madoka riding a unicorn in a spicy style with 2 colors on top."

What Makes a Community?

condiminaj answered: Communication
isthistakenalready answered: the people. the hype. the ability to come together n acknowledge differences. Healthy dynamics.
heysawbones answered: Mutual investment.



Brandon and I somehow got to talking about those old Food Pyramid nutrition guidelines from our childhoods in the 80’s and 90’s - which naturally led to our drawing our own personal versions.

I have to say, I thought these would turn out highly exaggerated, but they’re actually more or less exact. If I’m really splitting hairs, my pyramid should have a tiny slice between fruits and coffee, representing cheese and meat and incidental vegetables: in short, sandwich contents. Also, Brandon doesn’t actually eat brains (that I know of).

Oh yeah things me and Marrriiannn eat.