Anonymous asked: pastebin*com/y4qVtAgY Here you are. Sorry if it's a bit of a confusing read; confusing thoughts are a little hard for me to put into sensible writing (but I try!)

Hey again. Sorry it took me a bit to respond, but I wanted to make sure I could answer this properly.

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Basically I wanna actually learn from all the webcomics that I dropped and make something I can actually finish. Something that’s broken up into short chunks and can be finished in a comparatively short time and something I have 100% confidence in. I’m so happy that everyone is excited for the comic to actually launch, I can’t wait for you all to read what I’ve been working on for most of this year.

trumpetsharkcomics said: monochrome is always more stylish and graphically strong imho!!

Heck yeah, and classy as balls. TBH I worry kids won’t like something that isn’t in full color, but then I remember basically my whole childhood was reading strips and manga in black and white.

jdprocrastinates said: Monochrome. Color it or hire somebody else to do it when you’re rich and famous.

What are you talking about, I’m already rich and- Hang on, my ramen needs to be taken out of the microwave.

behindthepanel said: Mono first. Special edition color later. Best if both worlds. X3

Actually what I’m considering right now. That, or making full color pages a Patreon goal.

Always torn between coloring my comics totally or else going an easier route… On the one hand I can finish this comic quicker if I go monochromatic, but I love coloring stuff so much.. BUT I’m way less likely to finish this big story if I give myself that much work.. 

Dilemma of the ages, it is.



hey everyone! my partner and I are hoping to put together a zine, full of goodies drawn by YOU!

the theme of course, is sweet treats! candy, cookies, ice cream, anything sugary and scrumptious! don’t feel like you can ONLY draw food though, feel free to interpret the theme how you like! we’d love to see comics, illustrations, and of course recipes of your favorite treats!

  • while this is a cute theme, it’s not intended to be all ages! sexy things are okay, though ultimately it is up to our discretion. just be tasteful!
  • hi res images are encouraged! 300dpi and up is recommended
  • please make new art for this! we’d rather have fresh stuff
  • we are planning to sell printed copies, and digital copies
  • final page count is not yet known, since this is our first project of this nature! it all depends on submissions. this will also determine pricing.
  • we are not concrete in artist royalties yet, but we do want to make sure you get a little something! right now what we have in mind is free print copies, as well as splitting money from digital copies. money from print versions would likely go back into print cost.
  • the deadline for submissions is october first!

want to send us something? my email is

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For halisia who requested “people drinking coffee”! Anne and Bea belong to verwho and sephiramy, respectively. Both come from excellent webcomics, Meat and Bone and The Muse Mentor.

#Claptrap as requested by thesketchfighter!

All these goobers are drawing the Guardians of the Galaxy dancing and I am one of those goobers.

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