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(prepare for many wordings ahead)

I am working on a lot of projects! If you’re an old fan or a new fan, it may be challenging to keep up! I’ma go thru the LIST of what I’m currently working on and what you can expect from me in 2014 and 2015! Very excited! (the following list corresponds with the images above in numeric order!)


Written by acclaimed comics writer Joe Casey, drawn by me and colors by Dylan McCrae, ACCEL is my first original Superhero comic project. Accel is a speedster hero (in the tradition of The Flash, Quicksilver, etc), with some awesome twists of his own, including my brand of hyper crazy fluid artwork. If you enjoyed the Quicksilver sequences in X-Men: Days of Future Past, you just MAY enjoy Accel! Accel is published by Lion Forge Comics, and will be debuting extremely soon. I believe it will start in digital format, then transition to print later. Anyway, this will be my most regular comic series for the foreseeable next few months!


Game Changer is a collection of my older PENG! comic— which is a comic about super Advanced Kickball. It’s basically like Shaolin Soccer meets kickball, but with kids instead of adults. GAME CHANGER will collect the original PENG! kickball story, along with new “fringe sports”-themed stories, including a story about HACKEY SACK and another one about BREAKDANCING (called “FREEZE" which you can see a preview of HERE!!!!!). Game Changer will be coming out in 2015. I’d like to get it out in time for Emerald City Comic Con 2015— we’ll see! 


Dream Skills is about a city that has outlawed guns, and instead all disputes are solved with SWORDS. But it goes even a bit deeper than that, as Sword Activity is regulated into such a way that slicing and cleaving is not necessarily a GIVEN. Anyway, it’s mostly about two girls dealing with this SWORD WORLD, coffee shops, wi-fi and dickhead baristas— but with swords. I’m chipping away at this one and it will appear in some form by 2015 for sure— perhaps digital, .pdf, patreon’d, I’m not sure!


This is a brand new project. In the wake of my awesome experience making Arem (my Metroid-tribute comic, see below), I feel I need to make more Tribute Comics. Street Knuckle is a Final Fight / Street Fighter / Fatal Fury mashup. Basically a tribute to BRAWLER games— but of course, with a twist. I’m still mapping this project out, but it’s quickly becoming a front running absolute favorite of mine. It’s not JUST for gamers, or fans familiar with these games— it’s like a commentary about being strong in our modern world… SO YEAH. The goal for this one (if nothing else), is to have it ready for Emerald City Comic Con 2015. Probably my “big new project” of that convention!!! ! ! 


OKAYYYYY… Sharknife 3. If you didn’t already know, I have two graphic novels already out, that I’m mostly “known” for. I’ve been working on the third volume for a couple years now…  To be perfectly honest, the pages I have done for Sharknife 3 at this point— while FUN— are not representative of where I’m at with my expression / comics / storytelling right now. I feel I’ve evolved a lot since Sharknife 2, etc. So Sharknife 3 as it is right now, is on indefinite hiatus. I MAY finish the pages for this and release it at some point? But to be frank again; I have much loftier plans for Sharknife, a “re-invention” for the character, that I’d probably like to get into more. We’ll see what happens with Sharknife! I never knew what I was doing with Sharknife. Sharknife aint no Scott Pilgrim, Sharknife is more like a THB (Paul Pope). I just go with the flow of it. Annoying for fans, publishers, retailers maybe— but essential for this artist. 


The last year’s project. It’s done! It’s for Kickstarter backers! It will start being sent out extremely soon! I might do another kickstarter to reprint it if more people want it? Stay tuned. 

  • AREM

Still probably my most favorite comic I’ve drawn in a while. It’s a Metroid tribute comic with a bit more substance to it than just that. It’s available in digital .pdf format right HERE so get on that if you like :3 


I am a scatterbrained creator, I know. I’ve always considered myself a “comics ninja”— in that I rarely have a “set method” to making my comics, more like I adapt and go on instinct. So a lot of these projects are short stories to get my art rocks off. They aren’t projects made for comic shops, or monthly readers, they are “art moments” that I like to create at my liesure, for the betterment of my artisthood and the people who take the time to enjoy and seek them out :3 


BUT, I am working toward a huge, solid comics push with a BRAND NEW, FOCUSED, MINI-SERIES project (unnanounced) headed your way, after all these, in 2015. Something the “mainstream comics populace” at large can easily keep their eyes on. Yes… 

! ! 

I am super pumped to be making all this art, and for you to look at and maybe enjoy it. Stay with me, it’s gonna be a good time :3 

* * * * * 

(Feel free to reblog the art in this post and delete my ramblings if u want i dont care ;])

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The Circle of Hell Anthology: Open Call ›


Welcome! This is Just Cause Press’ very first project with hopefully more to come! We’re starting off with a horror themed comics anthology called Circle of Hell.

What is the Circle of Hell?

As darkness falls across the land, do you feel that creeping, wriggling in the night? When you look…

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Hi everyone! For those of you just tuning in, I am currently having a mass sale on a bunch of art supplies I no longer or barely ever use. This is to help me pay off my bills and tuition while I’m job hunting.

I’m currently selling a bunch of Copics, Prismacolor, paints, and inks to name a few. For more information GO HERE:

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This re-blog is for all you lovely night birds out there! I’ve already sold a couple items, plus a few changes have been made earlier. If you’re in the market for cheaper art supplies come check it out!

Hey folks! I just sold a couple more items this week so if you’re interested in any available goods please hit me up before the 25th! Next week I’ll be posting more items to sell! More supplies, plus collectables and there may be some original art involved. Stay tuned and thank you for your support!

mechanicalriddle said: wait are you on the beach house episode


it’s still damn good though

I love these old ladies and the volleyball game of death Also Azula’s horrifying flirting

Wait never mind this isn’t the Ember island Players. That’s later.


I have been waiting so long for this episode

dang I want this beach house.

I just wanted to make a ref sheet but I got carried away~


>Load Save
>New Game

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It’s that time again, when the bank account is empty, and the rent is due and the bills unpaid.

Who wants a drawing? $80 bucks Cash American, I’ll draw whatever you want, NO MONEY UPFRONT!

On a related note, does anyone know anything about donating Blood/Plasma for money?

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Help out lysol-jones, guys, he’s a solid artist with serious skills who’s drawn a lot of things Tumblr has probably reposted and reblogged without thinking about—LIKE THIS:


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F’real though, Lysol’s art is top-notch.

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